The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

May 21, 2012 Thread Talk 4

The Bottom Line Thread From Superior Threads

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This is a fine thread that blends into your work. The Bottom Line™ is a 60 wt lint-free polyester thread that I have enjoyed using in a number of ways:

  • Piecing
  • Applique
  • Binding
  • Quilting


For both Feathers in Flight and Australian Wildflowers, I have sewn them with Bottom Line thread from start to finish.

Bottom Line quiltingI like to shorten the stitch length and then the thread is as strong as any normal sewing thread and I can avoid the problem of the work getting smaller when working with a lot of seams.

For those who love machine quilting, have a look at the detail of Feathers in Flight (below) and notice how beautifully fine the quilting looks.

Which Needles and Bobbins are best with Bottom Line?

I like to use a Schmetz-Microtex #60 needle with Bottom Line thread. If you have any trouble at all with shredding or when you are stitching through a lot of seams, try changing to a larger needle or loosen your top tension.

I also like to tighten my bobbin tension so I don’t have any backlash with the bobbin. This can happen with a lightweight thread.

To avoid this problem, purchase an extra bobbin case. Then you can ‘play around’ with the tension and leave the general sewing bobbin case alone. Ask your supplier if you are unsure about what to do to adjust the tension. As you learn to alter both the top and bottom tension on your machine, your stitching will improve.

Applique with Bottom Line

The Australian Wildflowers quilt shows the fine stitching you can achieve using Bottom Line.Applique, quilting

A Microtex #60 needle was used and an open satin stitch. I used fusible web to place the flowers, then appliqued them down. Alternatively, I could have used a closer satin stitch, or even free-motioned three rows of straight stitching around the outer edge of the applique.

Bottom Line has also been used to free machine the embroidery for the flower centres.

The thread is also very suitable for hand applique. The Wildflowers quilt has a lot of the inner scallops and the outer edges of the quilt hand appliqued onto cording.

Quilting with fine threads

Detail of thr quilting on Feathers In FlightWhen quilting with a fine thread, the stitching blends into the fabric allowing you to use a smaller stitch and have the quilting lines closer together.

Double stitching is less noticeable with this thread than a heavier thread.

Take note of how the matching thread blends into Feathers in Flight giving a gentle illusion of the quilting.


Should I just use one colour of thread to quilt?

Use several colours of thread for quiltingTry using several Bottom Line shades. By using a thread that is a couple of shades darker than the background, the feathers stand out more.

Look at this detail of Australian Wildflowers.

Can I use Bottom Line for the binding?

I find that this thread works beautifully to bind my wall quilts.

Use a double thread and a fine needle and the stitches just seem to disappear into the fabric.

My recommendation?

For quilting, piecing and applique, I use Bottom Line™ thread on the top and/or in the bobbin of my machine, depending on the effect I want.

With 50 different colours to choose from, I find this a very versatile thread.


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  1. Janet Roberts says:

    I have recently bought a Pfaff Creative Sensation and I am unsure about bobbin threads suitable for this machine and best embroidery and quilting threads. Haven’t worked with a machine with this type of bobbin and thread tensioning devices before. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Jane,
      I have not used a Pfaff with this type of tension but I would still use the threads that I wanted as it sounds as though it is an auto tension. I would check to see if you can override this for certain types of threads.
      Bottom Line thread is what I use for the bobbin thread for your embroidery as it is a 60wt. polyester thread and there are 55 colours which I found really helpful at times.
      I would use mainly 40wt trilobal polyester threads (high sheen) for the embroidery machine for your top thread. (Magnifico, twist, fantastico, nature colors, living colors, rainbows, etc.).
      Any of these threads can also be used for quilting as well as any 50wt thread whether they are cotton or polyester.
      Many quilters love King Tut to quilt with. This is a 40wt thread and is an extra long Egyptian grown cotton.
      With the bobbin thread for quilting you can use what you want. It does not have to be the same weight or type as what you are using on the top.
      I hope that I have been a help,

  2. Gill O'Halloran says:

    Hi, are you located in Australia, looking for good thread but can not afford from America. thanks Gill

    • admin says:

      Hi Gill,
      I am located in Goulburn NSW. and try to have your order sent on the same day as ordered.
      I go to the Post Office during office hours to have the parcels tracked.

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