Open Thread Bar Class at Cooma

Open Thread Bar Class at Cooma

September 16, 2010 Thread Talk 1

I had a wonderful time last Saturday when I taught at the The Cooma Interlude Weekend. When I walked in the the Cooma Ex-Servicemans Club, I was welcomed by those wonderful ladies that do all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to get this wonderful four days of fun and learning ready for all those  attending.

I had only seven students, but they were all very happy with what they had learnt in class and there were murmurs during the evening of what went on in class and others saying that they want to do the class next year.

For all of you who wonder what The Open Thread Bar is all about, let me give you an overview of what is done in the class-

  • The seminar “Threads Fact and Fiction” has been presented at most major American Quilt Shows by Bob Purcell of Superior Threads known as “Dr Bob” and I give a fun and informative talk taking the mystery and frustration out of using decorative threads identifing and solving thread issues and problems and teaching about needles and tensions.
  • In the morning we talk about thread quality, weights, tensions, needles, and how best to use those decorative threads.
  • In the afternoon we use the Open Thread Bar which is using over 100 threads where the students use any of the threads to learn how different tensions give you totally differeent looks to your work and how to get that correct tension for your work. It is not necessary to use the same weight thread top and bottom when you are taught how to alter your tension — you can do it, just trust yourself.

I am very fortunate to be Superior Threads Educator in Australia and this class is one that fills a large void in the quilting world.



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  1. penny warwick says:

    Hi Julie

    I live in Armidale, NSW… have you got any thread bar classes in my area? If not, do you have a list of locations for future classes?



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