Texture Magic: Serenity Bag

Texture Magic: Serenity Bag

June 21, 2010 Thread Talk 0
Serenity Bag Pattern

Serenity Bag

I would like to show you something that I have just finished.

This bag pattern, Serenity is made by Annie Unrein to use with Superior Threads Texture Magic. You have seen the Totes and Accessories that I showed you on the last post made with the Texture Magic, but have a look and see that I have used something different to give the bag more body so it holds its shape and looks so much more professional.

The bag handle is padded to make it more comfortable on our shoulder as well.

Back Pocket

Serenity Bag back

Serenity Bag back

The back pocket on the bag can have a closure if you want, or it can just be left open for easy access. There are pockets inside the bag as well to put those little things that we can never find when they are just thrown into the bottom of our bags.

I used Bali Batiks from Claire Ayling who imports these into Australia, and they are not printed again so if you like a design you buy it then and there as you will be unable to have it again. I didn’t mention the price — well it’s fantastic, something that we can all afford. In fact Claire is overseas now ordering her next shipment of beautiful fabrics. Claire does not have a website, but people are most welcome to call her (even a bus load if you wish) and make a time to visit her. She lives in Wamboin which is near Queanbeyan NSW. Please contact meif you would like Claire’s phone number.


Showing the flap that has used the Texture Magic

Serenity Bag showing texturizing

Serenity Bag showing texturizing

In this photo you can see the fabric that I have added the texure to with the Texture Magic.  I used Hobbs 100% wool wadding between the focal fabric and the Texture Magic. I lightly sprayed the the wadding with spray adhesive and adhered the fabrics one at a time onto the wadding to hold them in place instead of using pins. I like to try different things each time I make something to know personally how they work for me. This I found worked well and I may try it again with the next quilt that I will be making.

I free motion quilted around the design lines on the fabric and because I didn’t want the threads to be noticeable, I used Bottom Line. This is a 60wt. Polyester thread that blends in with the fabric and is almost not seen.

The next part is always wonderful, watching the Texture Magic magically shrink under the steam. When the fabric has finished shrinking, you will find that it relaxes — just like saying, ahhhhh — and all the air has gone out of the fabric body. Don’t worry, it’s just me waffling on as usual.

This bag was enjoyable to make, but I really do think that a Walking Foot is necessary. It really does make a difference, so you are not fighting with the turnings and just knowing that the fabrics are going to feed through the machine evenly makes life a lot better and more pleasant.

If there is anything which you would like purchase that you have seen here or ask questions, please contact me.


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