Women in Film

Quilt for Pfaff : Women in Film



Women In Film

Women In Film

Well, this quilt has taken quite some time to finish. It is for Pfaff to use at the major Quilt Shows in each state of Australia for the coming year.
Pfaff’s Ambassadors were asked to make something to do with this years title of “Women in Film”.

I took photos while on board P&O Pacific Dawn last December and was given permission to use the images in my quilt.

I had “Arthead”, my local art store, work on the images to make them fit the film strip that I had drawn.

I quilted the background of the quilt with Superior Threads, Glitter trying to give the feeling of the 1920s as shown in the paintings.


Women In Film: close-up

Women In Film: close-up of film strip

I have used a black background then quilted in an Aqua and also a pink thread. Glitter is a Holographic flat thread which catches the light beautifully.

I hope you will be able to see the quilt at a quilt show in your state. I would love to hear what you have to say about the quilt.

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